The Perfect ‘’Cold” Fusion of Dream & Reality

4 min readDec 20, 2021
New Ultra Low Temperature Freezers for the Future

The world is temperature focused.

“If it does not burn your lips, it’s cold enough to drink”

- English beer-drinking proverb

At the core of developing technology that cools samples, specimens and many other bioproducts down is the anticipation that refrigeration will assure quality and safety.

Verbs used to describe our obsession with temperature are built into the language that we use every day. Within our social groups, similar understandings of what is ‘hot’, ‘red hot’, ‘cool’ and ‘chilled’ seem to have a collective theme; they all give reference to a certain quality about their natural state. While ‘ideal’ temperatures have provided some of the finest storage conditions for extremely expensive champagne, the hallmark of modern technology is to maintain a temperature that experts can agree is ‘perfect’.

Indulgences aside, the latest Cold Storage equipment is entering new commercial breakthroughs. Traditional refrigeration tech has delivered Cold Storage refrigerators to industries for decades. Along with all the failures & setbacks, many products have persevered with temperature logging and smart fan sensors.

Ultra-cold Storage mechanical freezers are able to maintain temperatures of -86°C. With the lowest naturally occurring temperature recorded at -89°C during a cold Antarctic day in 1983, our researchers are flexing their scientific muscle by bringing nature’s fiercest cold to the comfort of climate-controlled laboratories, clinics and pharmacies. ULT Freezers such as the TEC2 Ultra Safe are developing a reputation for product intelligence and fit-for-purpose design, but is the science community ready for new cutting-edge machine software integration that encompasses promising new AI programming?

My entire life I dreamed of a way to move beyond the physical limits of our world to explore boundless horizons and create new possibilities… Now the resources to make it real are taking mature form…

The future of complete temperature perfection is in the horizon, and the guarantee of quality temperature control might just change the world.

At inTEST, we look at the behavior of materials under specific temperatures between -185°C to +500°C. What we’ve found is that find that different outcomes occur at even the most minor disturbances to the temperature consistency. In Life Science, and more specifically in vaccines are requisites to attain strict Cold Chain management techniques to ensure medicine efficacy.

Liquid thermodynamics are responsible for changes to molecular structure of medicines with each fluctuation in kinetic heat energy. Leading research in artificial intelligence may offer a complete solution to ensuring important materials are examined closely for their storage perfection. The data processed by using AI combined with powerful computers with ever-so-sensitive probes and instruments may offer more than temperature perfection in the future of industrial temperature management. Perhaps its not too sci-fi to envisage fully integrated Cold Storage technology, where seeing every observable detail through the Metaverse or augmented reality poses a remarkable upshift in convenience, security and quality. Through digital immersion, we enter a completely new way of experiencing access to quality monitoring and guaranteed thermo stability.

Imagine being able to look through walls, doors and windows to see infographics, feedback results and outlier identification. The information is concise, to-the-point and gives you the complete security of ultra-smart decision making. Laboratories can potentially draw more meaning from their experiments where graphs and infograms are comprised of entire product records, tracing a product’s handling from the moment of manufacturing. Navigating the new artificial world of Facebook’s Meta may just bring this technology to the front of human eyelids in the very near future. ‘Live-tracking’ is traditionally a system where access to updated records is live feature, but the next step for product quality assurance is seeing everything that analytical data processing can offer.

Meta promises a digital immersion future with world-like experiences in a landscape that lacks tangibility. The features and advantages of reality manipulation are connected with how fast a human decision maker can receive full disclosure on a particular topic. As Meta develops a platform for real-time commercial feedback, the service offers the potential for a Cambrian Explosion level development with the immediate world in digital visitation. Virtual and augmented realities give the cold storage user a thrilling new way to access reporting on product delivery, stock, rotation, dispensary and disposal. Investigating refrigerator contents in an artificial world has some adventure parameters that can capture the imagination of users, with colors, shapes and animations all able to describe vast amounts of commercial product history. For example, a delay for a critical stock delivery may occur, and in this case the world of Meta may give instant viewable feedback on the nature of the service interruption. This improves the level of complete control for business owners, and goes beyond monitoring of ultra-cold temperatures of biofreezers by optimizing the nature of data collection and analysis. This eventuates to real-life stronger and more confident critical decision-making capacities.

At this stage, we would love to say that we have at least some understanding of the benefits of future Cold Storage technology and Meta integration, but it is hard to know exactly where to rule the line. Meta is a game changer for enterprise, and the common user might get all the added perks of fully immersive virtual technology just by entering the Metaverse. Industries will resolve many conflicts by simply comparing information in the Cloud, making the best services possible through casting data in a digital interaction. The days of uneconomical cooling may soon be a thing of the past, just put on the headset and see my heat mapped deep-sea aged champagne collection for yourself.

Jean Fallacara. Dreamer, Creator, Disruptor.




Jean Fallacara, Scientist- Eng. Biotechnology Athlete, Biohacker, Speaker, and Author of the book: NeuroScience Calisthenics