The Constant Assurance of Change Why We should Look Forward to it

5 min readOct 11, 2021

Change is something that we either face head on or run in the opposite direction from. Something about us humans and being afraid of what we don’t know… We seem to not fully register the number of things in the world that are unknown to us, those forces around us that are constantly changing in an uncomfortable nonlinear notion.

It feels difficult, you are literally fighting against your own mind in the process, but it is fully necessary. Our mind is wired to do the same thing over and over and breaking that routine releases a lot of stress and distress onto your body.

Cortisol, stress and why we should be grateful for it: Stress management gives you a range of tools to help you rest your broken alarm system in order to help you lead a happier life. No matter how amazing the stress management techniques are, you will never be able to live a fully stress-free life, and if you can, you might as well die from boredom already. A little bit like the yin and yang, we often find “negative” qualities in the positive things and in terms of stress, that is very true.

Someone that is successful, with a happy family living the dream life, did not get there through refusing to leave their comfort zone out of fear of being stressed. Cortisol helped him achieve his goals in a safe and beneficial way!

On October 7th 2021, my life took a 36⁰ turn.

Since the young age of 24 my entire life has been about being an entrepreneur, using my creativity and ideas in leadership and I find I’ve done a solid job at it. Not Only was it my work but it was also one of my great passions in life. After more than two long decades, working comfortably with the occasional hint of stress here and there in the same business alongside my wife and my daughter, who never doubted but supported the change, I became the Managing Director for a NYSE publicly listed company: inTEST Corporation.

Such changes are hard, nearly impossible even, but the universe has a funny way of making things turn out the way we want them too.

When going through a transition, we often finally find out what kind of person we are or at least get a solid idea of it. It shows you what you can and can’t handle and most importantly learning about yourself. You then begin to genuinely flourish, you then know how to handle any situation thrown at you to the best of your abilities because now you understand the benefits always outweigh the anxiety behind it.

Simply put, you will just have more fun.

As adults we often prioritize materialistic things such as money or a good job in hopes of actually achieving happiness, something we never had to fight so hard for as a child. But something changed as we grew older and we lost track of the objective, figured it was too hard to feel the one emotion that was always supposed to drive you and we ended up settling for an empty home and a bag of money.

Changing up your routine, accepting change with open arms, hell, running towards it opens you up yourself to opportunities, people, experiences… You open yourself to what life is really all about.

Maybe if we understood how common and constant change is, we wouldn’t be

so afraid of it.

  • As my friend Mark Divine explains: “Regularly seeking out fresh experiences helps you to be more creative and emotionally resistant. Avoiding the discomfort that comes with growth will only continue to make you uncomfortable.”

In fact, we are ourselves changing every single day mentally and physically. Every morning neurogenesis in our mind occurs as we wake up with newly made neurons. You don’t even realize it but your brain is not the same it was last night! Change teaches us everything we’ve learned so far: there is very little we’ve been taught that comes from repeating the same action over and over again. Essential skills such as resilience and elevated thinking are grown from inconsistency, when we are put in a situation where there is nothing, we can do but adapt (or die.)

“When change makes us better it’s because we have learned how to turn a challenging situation to our own advantage, not merely because change happens.”

  • Rick Newman, author of Rebounders: How Winners Pivot from Setback to Success and a columnist for Yahoo Finance

A number of variables have entirely flipped in my life leading me with big life changes on the way: and yet though there is nervousness, I am not afraid.

Moving to Boston MA, closer to the business, from the city of Montreal that has allowed me to become the person I am today for 20 years is a radical change that makes me feel a bit anxious every time I think about it, but I always remind myself how boring life could’ve been.

Being an entrepreneur in itself involves a set of goals and values: adaptation, innovation, responsibility… and it is bittersweet to realize I’ll leave that part of my life for those same values. I can truly say I’ve been an entrepreneur, and not to brag, but a good one, from beginning to end.

I want to personally remind everyone that change is not only possible, but it is inevitable, just like water in the spring or snow falls in the winter. Even after experiencing positive or negative, abundance or absence of whatever it is that keeps you going in life, there is still always something to learn, there will always be just a little bit more to learn because humankind in itself is an ongoing change, and we are roped too tight into it to escape.

Yesterday I felt clever and wanted to change the world but today, I feel wise and so I change myself in the hope of a better world with my upcoming mission at inTest!

Because, I had set NO PLAN B but one GOAL!

Jean Fallacara.

A Revolution has started, and it is not a One Time Event, it is a Process! Just Trust It.

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Mentions: Mark Divine Rick Newman Nick Grant




Jean Fallacara, Scientist- Eng. Biotechnology Athlete, Biohacker, Speaker, and Author of the book: NeuroScience Calisthenics