Dog Whisperer , The Power of Meditation

4 min readAug 17, 2022

Article about Jean Fallacara by Noee Spiegel for the Magazine Biohackers Magazine August-2022 ISSUE 16

Jean Fallacara in Deep Meditation

The Dog Whisperer: A (True) story of Meditation

Fear is a funny thing. It grips you by the throat, ghosts of the past clawing at your skin, dragging you away from situations possibly deemed unfit. That’s not to say fear isn’t a great tool, as the human race would not have lasted nearly as long as it is doing now without the help of some good old adrenaline, but it is also an element that can serve to hold you back. Regardless of whether the fear is rational or not, the emotions accompanied with it are very real. I am still growing, I am still learning and there often comes moments in life where you can’t help but feel as though there must be some sort of magic surrounding our existence. Little did I know how void of meaning fear is when compared to the intertwining energies of our world.

I’ve been afraid of dogs ever since I was little. Of course, like many fears, it didn’t start off that way. I owned one, and it wasn’t that I was particularly close with him or that I considered him my “furry bestfriend”, but in my mind there was a simple understanding of respect between me and the dog. Unlike my brothers, I refrained from messing around with him too much and in return Milo often came to keep me company in the dark of night. As far as I was concerned that was a pretty fair deal. Old age changes animals, similarly to humans, as they hurt they tend to unleash their emotions outwards. I guess Milo wasn’t feeling too well, a malignant cancer spreading inside his bones. Unexpectedly, while I was petting him, he bit me. His powerful jaws locked around my hands, razor sharp canines searing through my skin. Fear of not just the animal, but also the species began blossoming within me, and who says fear says hate. Now I wasn’t cruel to dogs, nor did I wish them any ill intentions, but simple actions such as petting them or even looking at them froze my blood cold. As far as I was concerned, dogs hated me and I hated them right back.

It’s been years since the Milo accident, and yet, when a dog happens to be on the same sidewalk as me I still cross the street. Though I’ve worked on a variety of skills to truly elevate my mindset, some fears are so deeply rooted from the trauma, they are much harder to shake off. I like to begin my day with mindfulness meditation, I’ve always found it gave me an unexplainable calm energy for me to work through the day with and therefore, on July 17th 2022, I replicated my everyday routine in the park near my apartment in Boston.

Though me and dogs weren’t the best of friends, something led me that day to the dog section of the greenery, the image of puppies and elders chasing after balls with careless happiness brought to me a strange wave of calm. I relaxed, inhaled a breath of the warm summer air and felt it invade my lungs, slowly leaving my mind deliciously blank. After about half an hour, a thick coat of fur seemed to rest on my leg. Distraught, my eyes flashed open only for them to widen at the sigh before me. Eleven dogs had come to nestle around me, one of whose head laid gently on my lap, his eyes peacefully closed. I didn’t dare move, but for the first time it wasn’t because I was frozen with fear, I simply didn’t want to wake up the dogs.

One of the dog’s owners, I assumed of the pitbull who’s brown fur caressed my thigh approached me. Curiosity spiking his eyes.

“How on earth did you do that?” Still in a dream like state, I shrugged.

“I have no idea man.”

“Do you have dogs at home or something?” I breathlessly laughed at that.

“Oh I’m terrified of dogs.” The stranger frowned for just an instance.

“Cmon Molly it’s time to go!” Molly’s square face lifted from my lap, yawned and stretched her legs before trotting over to her rightful owner. I got up and walked home with a small smile on my face, my lips curling ever so slightly.

After discussing this even with fellow researchers, we came to the conclusion that the energy we emit, the frequency, can either attract or repel other species around us. As I had been exuding a calm, high frequency, the dogs at the park had found peacefulness and relaxation around me, bathing in my energy.

I still wonder today, if my brain was in between the 432Hz Nature’s Frequency and

639Hz for Rebalancing Positive Energy Frequency, unless it was simply aligned to the electromagnetic field around the Earth, (Schumann Resonances), that has maintained a value of 7.83Hz the Earth’s natural frequency.(see my posts). One sure thing,

Next time I wear my EGG!

There are a lot of morals to this story, the obvious one that meditation really does change you. However, I believe the biggest lesson is that often, fear is simply a reaction to your environment and not a result of animosity.

Goodness is a language spoken through all species of the world, raising your vibration signifies a lot more than simply feeling better about yourself.

You become an oasis for those in need




Jean Fallacara, Scientist- Eng. Biotechnology Athlete, Biohacker, Speaker, and Author of the book: NeuroScience Calisthenics